Building an inclusive ecosystem for a sustainable global economy

The world's first commodities exchange under blockchain technology with its own security token

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The first Security Token in Latin America

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Our tokens are backed by tangible assets in the real world such as works of art, real estate, carbon credits, green bonds, as well as hydrocarbons, minerals, and forest products

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Our regulated and secure platform has an immutable and transparent record of transactions, reducing fraud and improving settlement speed, making it an ideal option for trading products, services, and raw materials

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Our Blockchain network on Binance Smart Chain records transactions in an immutable and auditable ledger, providing transparency and trust through the visibility of both fungible and non-fungible tokens

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We develop growth opportunities together

Driving success in the commodities market, connecting key players, and creating sustainable growth opportunities

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Get ready to speed towards success with your commodities project!

Amplify your investment and impact in agriculture, mining, and forests with our innovative platform for entrepreneurial investors. Fund your projects and make a meaningful change!

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Soon we will launch our CCSCEX® crowdfunding platform, designed to provide a complete solution for entrepreneurs seeking funding for projects in various sectors, including agriculture, mining, and forestry. Our platform connects entrepreneurs with a global community of investors, allowing them to present their projects and obtain the necessary funds to make their ideas a reality

What types of projects can be submitted on CCSCEX®?

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How does it work?



Launch your project to stardom! Define its value, set captivating rewards, and set a fundraising time



The approved project to be revealed to the world! CCSCEX® approves after a thorough risk assessment, financial viability, and KYC compliance



The project is temporarily presented on CCSCEX® and then supported through community support



Plan promotion to attract users interested in supporting your project and define your target audience



At the end of the deadline, the project is closed and the level of support achieved collaboratively is evaluated

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Learn about the Future, understand Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

CRIPTOVERSITY® is the education platform in the field of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies. We offer a wide range of innovative and high-quality educational programs, designed to help professionals and entrepreneurs understand and fully leverage the possibilities of these constantly evolving technologies

Join the educational revolution in the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies!

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